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give us a question to answer   Hi, my name's Jordan. I'm a 22 year old boy living in sunny Scotland. I'm a MASSIVE geek who loves Doctor Who and comic book movies. I'm a director and sound operator and have just completed my three year HND TV Productions course at the very awesome Cardonald College. I hope to one day be successful in the media industry. I have my own production company with two of my friends. It's called TROIKA Productions because there's three of us and troika is Russian for three, so that makes sense. I love posting random stuff online. I love surfing the net, i adore tv and film. I love to eat, sleep, drink, go out with my family and friends. I love, love, love my girlfriend Kirsty and my best friend James. They two, other than my family and my other friends, mean more to me than, well anything really, well other than Doctor Who!!!! LOL I do have some of the bestest friends a guy can ask for. Even my production partners, Steve and Cammy, are just the best and we just get on so well. But yeah, I work as a checkout operator and trolley boy over at Morrisons. I've worked there for five years this year and I actually love my job.......In fact I love life all in to be honest. I wouldn't change a thing about my life........IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!

50 years of the doctor :-D

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    Tennant is definitely the “Messiah” of them… I have many times felt that he’s very much so a metaphor for “God”
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